Materials Testing for Active Materials

A suite of equipment dedicated to the characterisation of and investigated the physical properties of active materials

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Detailed Description

This suite includes a range of techniques to characterise the chemical, thermophysical and physical properties of active materials.


It is necessary to understand the impact of prolonged radiation on the mechanical performance of a range of materials such as graphite and Zircaloy used in fission and fusion facilities. Understanding the corrosion impact on radionuclide behaviour in encapsulated or enclosed form is vital in understanding the state of our current waste stockpile and making the most economical choices in its handling and disposal. Understanding the future behaviour of the UK’s proposed geological disposal facility requires intimate knowledge of the interaction of radionuclides with the materials used in the construction of the facility.

Chemical Characterisation: PANalytical Empyrean XRD, Nikon XTH225 X-Ray Computer Tomography, FEI Nova NanoSEM 450 Optical and Olympus LEXT OLS4100y Confocal Microscope, Horiba XploRA Plus Raman Spectroscope, UV to NIR Spectrometry. Thermophysical Characterisation: STA, LFA, Dilatometry. Physical Characterisation: Pyncnometer, BET, Micro Abrasion, Dynamic Modulus, Porosity.

Equipment in use:

Phoenix TE66 Micro Abrasion Tester
ICME RFDA PU-EX1 Resonance Frequency and Dampening Analyser
Olympus Panametric-NDT Model 5800 Ultrasonic Tester
Micromeritic Tristar II BET Kit
Anton Parr PoreMaster 60 GT
Anton Parr Porometer 3G
PANalytical Empyrean XRD
Olympus LEXT OLS4100 3D Measurement Confocal Microscope
Horiba XploRA Plus Micro Raman Spectrometer
FEI Nova NanoSEM 450
Nikon XTH 225 ST X-ray Tomograph
Netzsch STA 449 FI Jupiter Simultaneous Thermal Analyser
Hiden Analytical Evolved Gas Analyser
Netzsch DIL 402C/4/G Dilatometer
Mettler Thermal Gravimetric Analysis / Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Avantes Fibre Optic UV-vis-NIR Spectrometer
Netszch DMA 242E Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
Micromeritic AccuPyc II 1340 Herlium Pycnometer
Micromeritics Gemini VII BET Kit
High Temperature Resonant Frequency Analyser
Metrohm Potentiostat