Manufacturing for Nuclear Environments

A suite of equipment dedicated to forming or processing active materials

  • Partner:The University of Manchester
  • Facility:Royce Nuclear
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Detailed Description

This suite includes chemical vapour deposition, spark plasma sintering and hot isostatic press equipment decidated to exclusviely processing active materials


It is necessary to understand the impact of prolonged radiation on the mechanical performance of a range of materials such as graphite and Zircaloy used in fission and fusion facilities. Understanding the corrosion impact on radionuclide behaviour in encapsulated or enclosed form is vital in understanding the state of our current waste stockpile and making the most economical choices in its handling and disposal. Understanding the future behaviour of the UK’s proposed geological disposal facility requires intimate knowledge of the interaction of radionuclides with the materials used in the construction of the facility.

Equipment in use:

Archer Technicoat Ltd. DTL HT0210-1014-7 CVD/CVI Reactor with Fluidised Bed
Thermal Technology SPS 10-4
Red Devil Vacuum Furnace
Mecstar Type 70B Laser Marker
DeBe Lasers/IBG YLR-100-WC Laser Joining System
Centorr 5SA Arc Melting
American Isostatic Presses Ltd Model API6-30H