TA Instruments Ltd. 3D Culture Pro

Long-term perfusion culture system

Bioreactor chamber body with integrated reservoir

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Detailed Description

A 3D culture system more closely mimics the in vivo environment, promoting cellular responses that do not otherwise occur during 2D culture. To ensure adequate delivery of nutrients and growth factors vital to cellular survival, such systems should incorporate flow of culture media through the bioreactor. 3D CulturePro™ bioreactor provides a reproducible and reliable solution for 3D tissue culture with perfusion flow.


The system supports multiple research applications and customers.
-Biologists moving into 3D cell culture
-Biomedical researchers transitioning to flow culture
-Pharmacologists and drug development researchers in need of in vitro test beds for basic research or ex vivo drug delivery systems
-Medical device engineers looking to validate their product in a pre-clinical, in vitro test system

6 chamber stand with fixture sets for sample-specific application:
Grips- tendon, ligament, skin. Platens- cartilage, bone. Accommodates multiple flow loops