TI 950 TriboIndenter nanoindenter

Nanotribological characterisation

The TI 950 TriboIndenter nanoindenter has been developed as an automated, high throughput instrument to support numerous nanomechanical and nanotribological characterisation experiments over the nano and microscales

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Detailed Description

The kit can measure the elastic-plastic properties of individual microstructures of traditional materials and thin films, the viscoelastic properties of soft matter, the interfacial adhesion of ultra-thin films, and temperature-dependent properties up to 800°C.

The Ti950 also features an Electrochemical cell for testing samples in fluids with electrochemical properties and a Xsol Heating Stage

Transducer load

Resolution: <1 nN

Noise Floor: <30 nN

Imaging Contact Force: ≤70 nN

Transducer displacement

Resolution: <0.02 nm

Noise Floor: <0.2 nm

Drift: <0.05 nm/sec

Stage Specifications X and Y stages

Travel: 250 mm × 150 mm

Encoder Resolution: 500 nm


Normal field of view:

Max: 625 μm × 550 μm

Min: 28 μm × 22 μm

Magnification Optical: 20X

Digital Zoom: 0.5X–11X

Effective: 10X–220X

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