HaikuTech - P-400S

High Precision Screen Printer

Screen printing applications in electronics productions.

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Detailed Description

The equipment is for high accuracy electrode, dielectric and metallization printing.

It accepts regular screens and stencils.

Substrate alignment by pins (option) to an accuracy and repeatability of 25 microns compared to the edge of the substrate.

The P-400S is available for printing at 400mm by 400mm substrate size.

Manual high accuracy alignment assisted by CCD cameras against hairlines on a screen.

All essential functions servo motor controlled, and automatic snap-off and substrate height setting with stepper motor.


  • High accuracy electrode printing
  • High accuracy and repeatability substrate alignment
  • High precision calibration of screen position


  • Max. printing area: 380 x 380mm
  • Squeege speed: 0 – 450mm/s
  • Squeege force: 0 – 320N
  • Average accuracy: +/- 10microns
  • Standard screen size: 550 X 550 X 25mm
  • Maximum screen size: 850 x 850 x 32mm