Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope (FEG-SEM)

High-resolution characterisation of bulk materials

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Detailed Description

Advanced Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with excellent beam control down to low accelerating voltages and high currents to allow some of the highest resolution characterisations of bulk materials currently possible.

It incorporates both a sample exchange airlock and an integrated plasma cleaner to ensure chamber cleanliness.

Alongside the Oxford Instruments EBSD detector for crystallographic information, the Merlin is equipped with two large area EDS detectors to maximise signal collection, even at extreme beam conditions for chemical distribution mapping.

In addition, a windowless EDS detector is installed that ensures characterisation capability is not lost when working at low accelerating voltages.

Electron Source

Schottky Thermal Field Emitter

Resolution @ 15 kV

0.8 nm

Resolution @ 1 kV

1.4 nm

Max. Scan Speed

25 ns/pixel

Accelerating Voltage

0.02 → 30 kV


10× → 2,000,000×

Probe Current

10 pA → 300 nA

Image Framestore

32k × 24k pixels

Stage Type

5 axis eucentric

Stage travel

X/Y= 130 mm,

Z = 50 mm,

R = 360° Continuous,

T = -3°→ 70°