FEI HELIOS Plasma FIB with Oxford EBSD & EDS

Plasma focused ion beam and scanning electron microscope

The FEI HELIOS Plasma FIB with Oxford EBSD & EDS is a dual beam system which incorporates a plasma focused ion beam column (P-FIB) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

  • Partner / Location:University of Manchester
  • Contact:Helen Ryder
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Detailed Description

It is especially useful for large area high-resolution analysis. Typical applications are cross-sectional analysis, serial section 3D characterization and other large area sample preparation applications.


The ion column with powerful plasma ion source for fast milling, FEG-SEM with high-resolution for imaging, large area high-efficiency EDS detector for local elemental chemistry, and high-speed, high-precision EBSD detector for sample crystallographic analysis in one system make it a unique and versatile characterisation tool.

Electron beam

Dual-mode magnetic immersion / field free lens electron optics with ultra-high brightness, next-generation FEG emitter.

Source: Schottky field emitter mounted on the innovative hot-swap gun module

Voltage: 200 V to 30 kV,

Beam current: ≤22 nA

Resolution :

0.9 nm at 15 kV

1.4 nm at 1 kV

Ion beam

Inductively coupled plasma differentially pumped, focused ion beam optics with Xe source:

– Voltage: 2 kV to 30 kV

– Beam current: >1 uA in 15 steps

-Resolution: 25 nm @ 30 kV


High-resolution digital scanning upto 6144 x 4096 pixels


Resolution: 64k x 64k

Pattern size: 8M pixels

Dynamically variable pixel dwell time

to give 3D pattern milling



EDS for elemental chemistry

Xmax 150 SDD detector

with minimum 127eV MnKa

Oxford AZtec Energy Automated EDS,

including Large Area Mapping, Map Queue

EBSD for crystallography

NordlysMax2Fast EBSD camera,

AZtecHKL Automated EBSD analysis suite,

including Large Area Mapping, Map Queue

Fast Acquisition and 3D viewer software

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