Electrode fabrication suite in an MBraun Argon Glovebox

Electrode Fabrication Suite in Argon Glovebox

Argon filled glovebox containing electrode casting and drying facilities, alongside precision rolling presses and film coating systems.

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Detailed Description

Equipment in MBraun MB 200B glovebox:
– PI-KEM Ltd 200°C Max Compact Tape Casting Coater with Heated Vacuum Bed and Exhaust Cover, 1500W, 180mm adjustable width film applicator
– PI-KEM Ltd Electronic Precision Rolling Press, 6″ width x 3.7″ diameter with variable speed (Ar glovebox compatible)
– PI-KEM Ltd Large Automatic Film Coater with 12″x24″ Glass Bed, 250mm adjustable doctor blade
– PI-KEM Ltd Compact tape casting film coater with dryer vacuum chuck
– PI-KEM Ltd Electronic precision rolling press


Electrode material casting and drying, allowing for well defined material thickness from slurries