Sobriety Poteron

Electric Potential Drop System

Permanent non-destructive monitoring of material degradation

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Detailed Description

  • Low and high temperatures (up to 1200 °C)
  • Long term measurement at 660°C
  • Useful for long term diagnostics (up to 30 years)
  • Wide range of metallic, conductive and semi-conductive materials use
  • Wireless access and on-line diagnostics
  • Measuring during running conditions (heating, cooling, vibrating, deforming, …)
  • Material degradation diagnostics by using of MDAPD Modified Direct and Alternating current Potential Drop technique (ACPD/DCPD/Corrected DCPD)
  • Measurement applications (accuracy 1 ‰, resolution 0.01‰)

Applicable to:

  • Insulated pipes and constructions (no need to remove insulation before measuring operation)
  • At locations without near or open service access (up to 15 m measurement unit location distance and following wireless data transfer)
  • Underground and high level locations (integrated measurement unit)
  • Dangerous locations with radiation and chemical environments
  • Explosive environments and areas with limited access


Measuring and monitoring of:

  • Creep deformations – Permanent installation and diagnostics
  • Crack initiation (fatigue) and propagation – Permanent installation and diagnostics
  • Wall thickness reduction permanent installation and diagnostics

– corrosion losses
– material creep and deformation

  • Crack depth – Diagnostics by using of contact method
  • Crack on the opposite wall side – Permanent installation/contact method and diagnostics
  • Four multiplexed channels
  • 18-bit data acquisition, ±5V, 0.2% accuracy
  • Measurement current 1A
  • Communication interface – USB, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, GSM, …
  • 3.3” LCD display
  • Up to 1000Hz measurement frequency, stability better than 0.01%
  • Tunable gain 1 – 128x in 8 steps
  • Tunable offset ±1000mV in 12 steps
  • 12V, 1400mA power consumption
  • Applicable to radiation enviroments