TA Instruments DIL 805 A/D/T


This quenching/deformation/tension dilatometer can subject materials to precisely controlled conditions of temperature, atmosphere and mechanical stress, whilst simultaneously measuring dilatation.

  • Partner:The University of Manchester
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Detailed Description

It is able to simulate the conditions of very complex thermomechanical manufacturing processes and can be used to monitor the progression of phase transformations (microstructural evolution) at the same time.  It is ideally suited to producing TTT and CCT diagrams for steels, but can also be used to process any alloy. Mechanical properties, such as yield stress, can be also measured during testing, as well as coefficients of linear thermal expansion.

In quenching mode:

  • Heating from room temperature up to 1500˚C in air, vacuum or inert gas atmosphere with a precision of 0.1˚C.
  • Resolution of length changes 0.05 µm (max. length change 2 mm).
  • Heating and cooling rates exceeding 2000˚C s-1.

In tension/deformation modes:

  • Heating/cooling rates up to 100˚C s-1.
  • In deformation (compression), 20.0 kN max. load, 0.001 – 20.0 s-1 strain rate.
  • In tension, 8.0 kN max. load, 0.001 – 2.0 s-1 strain rate.

In alpha (sub-zero) mode:

  • Heating up to 1300˚C and cooling down to -150˚C.
  • Heating and cooling rates exceeding 2000˚C s-1.

Standard samples dimensions: 

  • For quenching, 4 mm diameter x 10 mm length.
  • For deformation, 5 mm diameter x 10 mm length.
  • For tension – please contact for diagrams.