Mbraun Gmbh. MB-Unilab Plus 2-Glove Glovebox

Controlled Environmental Chamber (Glovebox)

Controlled environment chambers for degradation/accelerated testing of sustainable materials under standard test conditions. Synthetic space for storage or reaction set-up for synthetic reactions that require dry atmosphere conditions due to air sensitivity. Note that reagents must be compatible with existing operations for use.

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Detailed Description

The glovebox is a large cabint that allows reactions to be performed and chemicals stored in an atmosphere controlled environment. Primarily this is an inert (Argon), dry atmosphere. In particular many radical polymerisations needs to be performed in the glovebox as oxygen is a free-radical scavenger. Additionally some chemicals used are pyrophoric and so could combust in standard air atmosphere.


Storage of air-sensitive chemicals and reagents.
Space to perform oxygen-sensitive radical polymerisations.
Production and storage of pyrophoric chemicals.

Gas purification and changeable supply allow precise control of atmospheric conditions.
Argon, Nitrogen and other atmospheres available.
Reduction of O2 and H20 to less than 1ppm each.
Negative and positive pressure available.