TA Instruments Ltd. 5270 Compression-Perfusions system

Compression-Perfusions System

Multi-specimen biomechanical and dynamic perfusion system. With multi-mover capabilities for mechanical and dynamic (pulsatile) flow stimulation.

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Detailed Description

The system comprises of biochambers which provide a sterile, physiologically-relevant environment to mechanically stimulate samples. Researchers can perform simultaneous or independent loading experiments including tension, compression, pulsatile distension, and torsion, as well as providing (pulsed) perfusion of media.


Can be used for testing and evaluating multiple samples (tissues and biomaterials) such as stents, cartilage, tendons, and vascular tissues with and without cells.

Reproducible mechanical stimulation, for statistical consistency.

8 biodynamic chambers
Max Force: 50 N per chamber
Max. Frequency; 15 Hz
Flow Range: 17-1760 mL/min O2, CO2, pH and pressure monitors.