ThermoFisher Ltd. Autostainer 480s

Automated Immunostainer

The Thermo Autostainer 480S immunostainer is a bench top, open system that delivers the flexibility required in a research and clinical environment. Almost all manual IHC and ISH procedures can be automated using this equipment, even processes that involve fridge incubation can be converted to a same-day process.

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Detailed Description

The precise automation control means improved consistency, reliability and hours of saved labour time.
A full batch of 48 slides can be run in less than 3 hours and antibodies/reagents can be used from any source. We also utilise the UltraVision Quanto detection system which is a polymeric labelling system using micro-polymer technology. UltraVision Quanto provides speed and economy while achieving unique sensitivity and enhanced reactivity with challenging nuclear markers as well as excellent cytoplasmic and membrane labelling.


Prognostic Markers in Cancer
Prediction of Response to Therapy
Neurodegenerative Disorders
Analysing Bio-functional Biomaterials

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