JEOL ARM 200CF TEM Oxford Instruments Xmax 100TLE Gatan Quantum 965ER

JEOL ARM 200CF Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope with EDX and EELS

Atomic resolution analytical electron microscope for use with active materials

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Detailed Description

The JEOL ARM200CF is an Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope, with a STEM Cs corrector providing a STEM-HAADF resolution of 78 pm and full analytical capabilities using EDX and EELS. The Cs corrected electron probe has an increased current density, one order larger than conventional FE TEMs enabling elemental analysis at the atomic-level.

The JEOL ARM200CF provides simultaneous STEM-ABF imaging for visualising light elements together with STEM-HAADF imaging.

Elemental EDX analysis and elemental mapping at atomic resolution is provided using twin JEOL Centurio wide area (100 mm2) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) for high-speed and high-sensitivity detection.

The narrow energy spread that is characteristic of the cold FEG enables high energy resolution EELS analysis and fast EELS mapping with dual EELS capability using the Gatan Quantum 965ER system.



High Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy. Atomic-Resolution Elemental Mapping by EELS and XEDS. Studies of nano-segregation, precipitation and radiation damage in irradiated fuels and structural materials as well as catalysts and other nanoparticulate systems.


STEM/ADF Mode 78 pm (at 200kV, with cold FEG)

TEM (point resolution) 190 pm (at 200kV)


STEM x 200 to x 150,000,000

TEM x 50 to x 2,000,000

Electron Source

Emitter W cold field

Accelerating voltage 200 to 80kV

Specimen System

Stage Eucentric Side Entry Goniometer stage

Piezo X, Y, Z control

Specimen size 3 mm

Maximum tilt angle X axis: ±25°
Y axis: ±25°

Travel Range (mm) X,Y: ±1, Z:±0.1

Aberration Corrector

Probe forming system/Cs-corrector Yes

Image forming system/Cs-corrector No


Gatan Model 965 GIF Quantum ER