Advanced mechanical testing

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Detailed Description

This investment constitutes the backbone of metallurgical research and represents underpinning testing capability.


Our research focuses on determining durability with regard to fatigue life and fatigue limit, for example for fatigue testing under tensile, compression, pulsating and alternating loads. We focus on the fracture behaviour of materials and how this changes in a range of ambient conditions including humidity, high temperature and cryogenics.

This suite includes: a quenching dilatometer, TA Instruments DIL805A/D/T; High-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Netzsch Peagsus DSC; thermomechanical simulator, Gleeble 3800C with Hydrawedge; a range of test frames for tensile and fatigue testing complete with a modular set of environmental chambers to create a range of test environments.

Equipment in use:

TA Instruments DIL805A/D/T Dilatomater
Netzsch Peagsus DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Dynamic Systems Incorporated Gleeble 3800C with Hydrawedge
Zwick HTM 5020 High Speed Tensile Test Machine
Zwick HB 100 Multiaxial Test Frame
Zwick Amsler 50 Vibrophore Fatigue Testing Rigs
Instron Low Cycle Fatigue Test Frames
ESPEC ETTL 3.6_0.75WA Temperature and Humidity Tensile Test Conditioning Unit
STS Custom Built Vacuum Furnace