Nikon XT H 225

3D X-ray Micro-computed Tomography - Nikon XT H 225 Cabinet System

Standard X-ray Computed Tomography system

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Detailed Description

The XT H 225 cabinet system is a standard X-ray Computed Tomography system produced by Nikon. It is ideal for small specimens of less than 300mm in height and 180mm in width. The large detector allows for voxel sizes between 5 and 100 μm. The 225kV source is powerful enough to allow imaging of many materials, including steel up to a maximum absorption length of approximately 20mm.


Samples of all materials, typically a few cm in size.

Source voltage range

50 – 225 kV (Multi-metal reflection target)

Max power

225 W. Voxel size: 5 – 100 μm

Max sample dimensions

180 mm diameter, 300 mm heigth, 15kg


14-bit, 2300 x 3200