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Our horizons have always been limited by the materials we have to hand, from the Stone Age to the approaching carbon age. The Royce has been set up to accelerate the invention and take up of new materials systems that will meet global challenges, enhance industrial productivity and competitiveness, and shape the world around us.

– Regius Prof Philip Withers | Chief Scientist

Prof Withers

Our Mission

The Royce supports world-recognised excellence in UK materials research, accelerating commercial exploitation of innovations and delivering positive economic and societal impact for the UK:

• Enabling national materials research foresighting, collaboration and strategy

• Providing access to the latest facilities and capability

• Catalysing industrial collaboration and exploitation of materials research

• Fostering materials science skills development, innovation training and outreach

Who we are

Operating with its Hub at The University of Manchester, the Henry Royce Institute is a partnership of nine leading institutions – the universities of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford, Sheffield, the National Nuclear Laboratory, and UKAEA.

The Royce coordinates over 900 academics and over £300 million of facilities, providing a joined-up framework that can deliver beyond the current capabilities of individual partners or research teams.

Our Funders

The Henry Royce Institute is funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research & Innovation.

Above: Henry Royce Institute Chair, Baroness Brown of Cambridge, outlines the vision for the Institute

What we do

We are open, accessible and collaborative.

The Royce is the front door to the UK materials research and innovation community open to academia, industry and the public. Our research tackles some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s society, from providing energy for future cities to decarbonisation and new recyclable materials.

Our materials facilities and research expertise are available to academia and industry alike. Whether you are a researcher, a large company, or an SME, we can help to meet your materials needs.

We believe that collaboration between our researchers and industry will create real solutions to global grand challenges, and provide significant societal and economic benefit to the UK.