Research Area Lead: Chemical Materials Discovery

Prof Alessandro Troisi

Professor Alessandro Troisi
Research Area Lead: Chemical Materials Design

Professor Alessandro Troisi is a Research Area lead for the Royce Chemical Materials Design Research Area

Alessandro Troisi is a Professor of Chemistry. He obtained his PhD in Bologna (Italy 2002), performed postdoctoral research at Northwestern University (US) and started in Warwick in 2005 as assistant professor, being promoted in 2010 to a full professorship. Since 2017 Prof. Troisi is Chair in the Materials Innovation Factory of the University of Liverpool.

Professor Troisi specializes in theoretical and computational chemistry, computer aided materials discovery, electron transport and transfer, organic semiconductors and quantum dynamics.
He was awarded the Marlow Medal by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2007 and the ERC Starting Grant (2009), ERC Consolidator Grant (2014), ERC Advanced Grant (2021).