Member | Strategic Advisory Board

Dr Manus O'Donnell

Dr Manus O’Donnell
Member | Strategic Advisory Board

Manus is currently the Head of Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) Technology within the Technical Client Organisation of EDF with interests in technical skills that underpin UK civil nuclear in the long term. The function acts as the “intelligent customer” for the design of new build projects in the UK (e.g Hinckley Point C, Sizewell C) and will provide for the maintenance of the design integrity over a projects life-cycle (from design, construction, manufacture, plant commissioning, through to decommissioning). He has experience of leading the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of the proposed reactor at Bradwell on behalf of CGN UK and EDF. Prior to this, he held a number of senior roles across Technology, Innovation and Research and Development in support of nuclear operations in the UK.

Manus has worked in the civil nuclear industry since 1996 on topics from safety-related research through to leadership of operationally-focused engineering teams and significant plant recovery projects. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, with degrees in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering and Mathematics and holds a PhD for his research on high temperature reactor materials’ performance, conducted at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in the Netherlands. He is a chartered engineer and a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.