Metal Processing

Advanced Metals Processing Steering Group

Dr Carl Slater

Dr Carl Slater
Assistant Professor, WMG University of Warwick

Dr Slater has worked at WMG in the University of Warwick for the past 8 years. During this time, he designed and steered the building of the new Advanced Metal and Manufacturing Centre (AMMC) which houses the Advanced steel research group. Dr Slater manages the Rapid Alloy Produced (RAP suite) of equipment which allows fast turn around of alloy design, to casting, thermomechanical processing, heat treatment, forming and characterisation.

Dr Slater’s main research focus lies in casting and the knock-on implications this has on downstream processing, such as the role of segregation on recrystallisation, or the implementation of new near net shape casting techniques to allow the production of novel advanced high strength steels.