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Business Breakfast | 18th September 2019

What can your business do to reduce plastic waste?

Date :
18 September 2019
Time :
8:00 am - 10:30 am
Event Type :
Business Breakfast

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Join us for a business breakfast hosted by the Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester and delivered by the UK Circular Plastics Network part of the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Plastic is an incredibly versatile material that brings many benefits to society. It has a range of unique properties that enable our modern lifestyle. However, recent discoveries, research and media coverage has left no doubt about the increasing volume of plastic waste in our environment and the damage that irresponsibly discarded plastic can do.

Independent studies have estimated that ca.3.7 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced in the UK each year of which ca.60% have been attributed to packaging and 40% to non-packaging plastic waste. Of this 3.7 million tonnes, only 1.35 million tonnes is collected for recycling: 700,000 tonnes collected and processed in the UK, 650,000 tonnes are exported. The remaining 2.45 million tonnes of UK plastic waste either goes to landfill or incineration. It is clear that this needs addressing and several initiatives are already in place.

The plastics industry, businesses, government, consumers and wider society all want the same thing: to reduce plastic waste and leave the environment in a better place for generations to come. There is now an opportunity for the UK to create value from plastic waste, develop and implement new technologies and business models in order to enhance its plastic recovery infrastructure, develop more sustainable businesses, and establish and embed a culture that re-uses and recycles used materials wherever possible.

This event is open to businesses who:
  • Design, makes, uses, discards, re-uses, recycles plastic or plastic containing products?
  • Want to find out more about government-funded initiatives to work sustainably with plastics?
  • Want to find out more about what expertise, capabilities and support the  Henry Royce Institute can offer?
  • Want to hear from local businesses working sustainably with plastics?
  • Want to learn about recent innovations and technology developments?
  • Is interested in discussing the challenges you have or expecting to have to work sustainably with plastics?
  • Is interested in discussing solutions/innovations you have or developing to work sustainably with plastics?

The event will be an opportunity to find out about government-funded opportunities to collaborate, innovate and create value from plastic waste, to discuss business challenges and potential solutions in reducing plastic waste, as well as an opportunity for networking.


Michael Shaver, Professor of Polymer Science at The University of Manchester will discuss plastics sustainability as well as the RE3 project that targets the technological and
societal sides of the 5 million tonnes of plastic waste being
generated in the UK annually.


Richard McKinlay, Head of the Consultancy Division at Axion, will present their work delivering projects in the Circular Economy and resource recovery sector.

Please note before you register:

This event is open to all business. However, we particularly encourage attendance from micro- and SMEs in the following sectors: automotive, construction, agriculture, medical/healthcare, electronics and textiles.

Please get in touch with or for further information.