Data-centric materials

Manchester | 1st April 2020

Manchester Materials Modelling Centre Inaugural Event (POSTPONED)

Date :
01 April 2020
Time :
All Day
Location :
Henry Royce Institute Hub Building
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Due to the ongoing Corinavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the decision has been made to postpone this event until further notice.
Materials Modelling Across the Scales – Where next?

Modelling complex advanced materials across scales (both length and time) has been a problem that has been the focus of scientific thought for decades.

It still poses challenges for us today despite the large number of methods that have been developed and the immense computational power available.

Invited speakers from academia and industry will present research and will suggest some ideas as to where the field should be moving in the next few years.

The workshop is the inaugural event for the Manchester Materials Modelling Centre but the main focus is to encourage and foster collaborative research in the Royce modelling theme.

Join us in the Royce Hub building for this one-day workshop to come together and discuss this important topic with engineers and scientists from across the UK.

Confirmed Speakers


  • Peter Haynes (Imperial)
  • James Elliot (Cambridge)
  • Keith McKenna (York)
  • Paola Carbone (Manchester)
  • Arash Mostofi (Imperial)
  • Louise Wright (NPL)
  • Mark Storr (AWE)
  • Anne Juel (Manchester)
  • Paul Popelier (Manchester)
  • Tim Dodwell (Exeter)




For more information, please contact Professor Will Parnell