FEI FIB200-SIMS Ion microscope

Faraday Tech Series

Large Volume 3D SEM - Broad Ion Beam and fs-laser techniques

Date :
27 April 2021
Time :
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Correlative microscopy has the potential to transform the way in which battery research is conducted. Using correlative techniques, we can observe battery processes across a range of length-scales in an interconnected and targeted manner.

In these talks, we discuss a range of ion/laser milling techniques which assist correlative investigations by bridging the micro- and nano-scale information typically provided by tomography and TEM.

The talks aim to provide a more in-depth account of the techniques introduced in the 10th March Faraday Masterclass lecture given by Prof. Philip Withers and Dr. Matthew Curd. Although designed as a series, delegates are welcome to attend any/all of the talks which interest them.

In talk #1 we discuss the Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) and Plasma Focussed Ion Beam (P-FIB) (booking link here);

In this talk (#2) we will discuss large volume 3D-SEM techniques. Specifically we will cover the iPrep Broad Ion Beam (BIB) and “tri-beam” fs-laser instruments. Such techniques can perform milling operations much faster then traditional FIB techniques. We will discuss the principles of these instruments, the geometry and material requirements of the samples and the types of damage induced during milling. A number of battery-specific case-studies will be showcased.

In talk #3 we will discuss the post-acquisition processing and reconstruction of 3D-SST data (booking link here).

Please note:

This seminar series is a joint Faraday Institution and Henry Royce Institute training course: registration data will be shared with both of the organising bodies.

This seminar series is open to UK-based academics only. We reserve the right to refuse access to the seminars if this condition is not met.