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Wedge Bonder

This equipment is unavailable until May 2021 due to being relocated.

The wedge bonder can make interconnections between a semiconductor device and a bonding chip package using heat, pressure and ultrasonic energy.

  • Partner / Location:University of Leeds
  • Contact:Chris Wood
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Detailed Description

Aluminium and gold wires are commonly used to assemble semiconductor packages. The Kulicke & Soffa model 4123 Wedge bonder can provide ultrasonic power up to 2.0 W to generate heat up to 150°C within bonding time typically ranging from 10 to 100 ms. Gold wire can range from 12-75 microns in diameter, and aluminium wire can range from 25 – 75 microns in diameter. Bonding area is limited in 95 mm × 95 mm.

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