Fluorescence Lifetome Spectroscopy (FLS) Edinburgh Instruments FLS1000

Spectroscopic technique for liquid samples

A spectroscopic technique which involves excitation of your sample at a specific wavelength and the measurement of emission of this energy as fluorescence as the sample returns to the ground state.

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Detailed Description

Fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy (FLS) can be used to measure the excitation and emission spectra of liquid samples within cuvettes, multiwell plates or solid samples.
FLS has a very low limit of detection allowing very weak (<100fM) samples to be analysed. This FLS1000 instrument can also be configured to perform Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) to measurement the lifetime of fluorescence

200-870nm wavelength range
Signal to noise ratio >25,000:1
Rapid measurements <30s
Sample holders for liquids, films and solids
Full Fluoracle software package for excitation, emission, synchronous and TCSPC measurements.
Advance FAST software available for detailed TCSPC analysis