FCT - HP D 250/C

Spark Plasma Sintering System

Controlled and rapid solid-state sintering process for a wide range of powder and particulate materials

  • Partner:The University of Sheffield
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Detailed Description

Field Assisted Sintering Technology/Spark Plasma Sintering (FAST/SPS) uses a DC electric current to directly heat the mould and/or sample through Joule heating. This direct heating allows high heating rates and low processing cycle times to be achieved.

Lower temperatures and mould pressures are also typical compared to conventional hot pressing and sintering techniques. FAST/SPS offers new possibilities to manufacture numerous materials with potentially extraordinary characteristics.

The Type HP D 250/C Furnace is ideal to investigate the scale-up of FAST/SPS for industrial applications.


  • The spark plasma sintering system can consolidate a wide-range of metallic, ceramic, and functional materials.
  • Capability to process multi-material composites, functionally grade, and diffusion bond materials.
  • In general the ability to utilise lower processing temperatures and/or shorter processing times allows the production of unique properties compared to conventional powder metallurgy sintering techniques.
  • Component size from 80 mm diameter to 300 mm diameter
  • Additional cooling chamber for semi-continuous operation to investigate industrial applications
  • Sintering temperature up to 2200°C

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