3D X-ray Computer Tomography Scanner

Rapiscan RTT 110

The Rapiscan RTT110 is an X-ray CT scanner designed to image airport baggage at 50Hz frame rates making it the fastest X-ray CT scanner in our facility. It is capable of analysing larger samples (D-shaped, up to 2 m length, 60 cm diameter) as they are transported along a conveyor in real time through the instrument. The system is specifically suited for analysis of larger parts of complex geometry, such as composite turbine blades or museum artefacts.

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Detailed Description

The Rapiscan RTT110 is the fastest X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) scanner in the UK, capable of real time scans of large items.

Key Features
  • Sample size: 1.0 m (W) x 0.75 m (H) x 2.5 m (D)
  • Image resolution: 1 mm
  • The belt speed of the conveyor can be set from 0 to 0.5 m/s


This airport baggage scanner analyses articles as they are transported along a conveyor belt. The large inner chamber allows bulky objects, such as turbine blades and human-sized fossils, to be analysed with an equivalent resolution to medical X-ray CT systems, but in a fraction of the time.

Ability to scan large samples

Width 1.0m, height 0.75m and depth 2.5m

Image resolution of 1mm

Conveyor belt speed 0 to 0.5m/s

Fast acquisition enables granular materials and two-phase flows to be imaged.

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