FEI Quanta 3D FEG

Scanning Electron Microscope / Focus Ion Beam

The Quanta™ 3D FEG is a DualBeam™ with high-resolution capability, low-vacuum SEM/FIB for 2D and 3D material characterisation and analysis.

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Detailed Description

It has three imaging modes: high-vacuum, low-vacuum and ESEM™. Quanta 3D FEG has a high-current (65nA) FIB with Gallium source, which enables fast material removal. Automated FIB sectioning and AutoTEM recipes enable accurate cross-sectioning and TEM sample preparation. It is equipped with Pt and Carbon etch selection of gas chemistries to deposit materials or further enhance the FIB milling rate or material selectivity.


This system is equipped with Gatan XuM, which is used for in-situ X-ray tomography. The details of XuM are:

  • Phase and Absorption contrast imaging
  • 1340 x 1300 pixel X-ray camera with 20 um pixel size
  • Resolution: ~200-400 nm
  • Maximum typical sample diameter for a metallic sample: ~1 mm
  • Field of view: 20 um at highest magnification to 10 mm at lowest magnification
  • Targets: Ag, V, Fe, Cu, W, Pt and Au
  • Maximum primary X-ray energy: 9.7 kV monochromatic
  • Can be used for in-situ experiments with a range of rigs

Specifications of SEM

Electron Source:   Schottky Thermal Field Emitter

Resolution @ 30 kV:   1.2 nm,

Resolution @ 1 kV:   2.9 nm

Max. Scan Speed:   50 ns/pixel

Accelerating Voltage:   0.2 → 30 kV

Magnification:   30x → 1280kx

Probe Current:   10 pA → 200 nA

Stage Type:   5 axis eucentric

Stage travel:   X/Y= 50 mm,

Z = 25 mm,

R = 360° Continuous,

T = -15°→ 75°

Specification of FIB

Resolution @ 30kV:  7nm

High current ion column with Ga liquid-metal ion source

Acceleration voltage: 2-30kV

Probe current: 1pA – 65nA in 15 steps

Magnification @10kV:  40x – 1280kx

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