TSST PLD chamber

Pulsed laser deposition chamber with load lock and RHEED

Optimised for the manufacture of Li containing oxides and sulphides for the fabrication of solid state batteries cathodes and electrolytes.

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Detailed Description

The TSST system makes use of an existing pulsed laser source and includes an optics interlocks solution and a motorised attenuator for better tuning of the laser power.  A custom-made glovebox allows for clean loading and unloading of substrates and target materials. The system itself has a laser beam scanning option, which in combination with a rotating substrate and a scanning target option allows for upscaling of the substrates to 2-inch wafers. A sputter source with both RF and DC power supplies has been added to the system to allow metal (lithium) deposition, which enables devices to be fully finished in-situ.