ThorLabs Ltd. High Resolution Ganymede OCT Imaging System GAN620C1 - 900nm

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) equipment

High resolution, non-contact, non-invasive, high speed
optical imaging.

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Detailed Description

OCT provides real-time, 1D depth, 2D cross-sectional, and 3D volumetric images with micron-level resolution and millimeters of imaging depth.


The system is designed for general purpose imaging applications requiring very high resolution.
In addition the non-contact, non-invasive nature of OCT makes it well suited for imaging samples such as biological tissue, small animals, and industrial materials.

1. Drug coatings
2. 3D profiling
3. In vivo
4. Small animals i.e. mouse lung
5. Biology i.e. Retina Cone cells

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