3D X-ray Micro-computed Tomography - Nikon XT H 225 Cabinet System

Nikon XT H 225

Our three Nikon Metrology systems are best suited for larger samples, from a few mm diameter to approximately 20 cm diameter. With their high-power 225 kV and 320 kV x-ray sources, they can achieve transmission of sample up to approximately 30 mm steel. Our two walk-in bay systems are additionally well suited for in-situ work, using one of our in-situ rigs.

The Nikon Metrology XTH 225 kV cabinet system – for samples of a few cm diameter and less than 30 cm in length.

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Detailed Description

The XTH-225 cabinet system is a standard X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) system produced by Nikon. It is ideal for small specimens of less than 300mm in height and 180mm in width.


Key Features
  • Typical scan times using the Nikon Metrology 225/320 kV Custom bay vary from 10 to 120 minutes.
  • The resolution will vary from 3 to 104 µm for specimen areas with a diameter of < 10 mm and up to 300 mm diameters respectively.
  • Specimens larger than 300 mm can be analysed by taking linked scans that can then be pieced back together during the reconstruction stage, however this capability is limited by the cabinet size

225 kV Reflection target

Max kV: 225 kV

Max power: 225 W

Spot size: 3 μm up to 7 W, 225 μm up to 225 W


Varian 4030


2300 x 3200

127 μm pixel size

Upto 3 fps in binning 1 and 7 fps in binning 2

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