Linseis LFA 1000

Laser Flash Analyser

The Laser Flash Analyser is used for the determination of heat transport properties.

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Detailed Description

The sample is located in a furnace that is held at a predetermined temperature. At this temperature the sample surface is then exposed to a programmed laser pulse. The temperature rise at the opposite surface of the sample is measured by a high-speed IR detector. From the temperature versus time data, the specific heat and thermal diffusivity of the material can be computed. The Laser Flash Analyser used in the MRF features two furnaces for operation at -100-500°C and RT- 2000°C. These are fully automated and can be controlled remotely.

Linseis LFA 1000

Temperature range

-100-500°C / RT-2000°C

Pulse source

YAG laser 25 J/pulse


InSb / MCT IR detector

Measurement range thermal diffusivity

0.01mm2/s – 1000mm2/s

Measuring range thermal conductivity

0.1W/mK – 2000W/mK

Sample dimensions

ø 10, 12.7, 24.5mm / 10 x 10mm square

Sample thickness

0.1mm – 6mm


Inert / Oxidising / Reducing / vacuum

Precision / reproducibility

Thermal diffusivity

+/-3% / +/-2%

Specific Heat

+/-5% / +/-3%

Data acquisition rate


Temperature accuracy



ASTM 1461 compliant

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