Materials Science N.W. Laboratory Spark Erosion Machine Mk4

Laboratory Spark Erosion Machine

The Laboratory Spark Erosion Machine performs sample cutting by means of electrical discharge machining (EDM), a non-traditional machining process that erodes the workpiece material using a series of discrete electrical discharges (sparks).

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Detailed Description

As the workpiece and tool material are not in direct contact during EDM, the Laboratory Spark Erosion Machine can be used to prepare sub-mm size samples of materials that, as a result of their mechanical properties, prove difficult to machine using traditional methods.


The Laboratory Spark Erosion machine is particularly effective when used for the production of 3mm TEM disks using a tubular electrode and when used with a wire cutting stage to produce thin material samples devoid of the deformation characteristic of traditional machining processes. The setup is currently being implemented for hot-cell use.

Materials Science N.W. Laboratory Spark Erosion Machine Mains Electrical Supply

220-240V Standard

110-120V Optional

Output (off-load) Voltage

80-350V In Four Ranges

Energy Control

36 Settings for Each Voltage Range