Chemspeed FORMAX

Automated Formulation Robot (80g)

Highly adaptable robotic formulation platform for a wide range of applications

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Detailed Description

The Chemspeed formulation platform specializes in the dispense of highly viscous materials and powders with a balance resolution of 100 – 10 µg. The automation equipment provides continuous real time monitoring and control of all formulation parameters such as temperature.

The operator loads the robot with materials for formulation or dosing 8 mL vials with samples for further analysis (such as use on the HTR).


• Emulsion formulation, application, testing
• Paint formulation, application, testing
• Personal care products formulation, application, testing
• Home care products
• OLED, OPV, fuel cell ink formulation, application, testing
• Battery paste and electrolyte formulation, application, testing
• Engine oil and grease formulation and testing
• Catalyst paste making and extrusion

• Formulation Scale: 8mL (vials) and 80 g with mixing
• 24 independent mixing modules equipped with stirrer and scrapers
• Throughput: Typically 5 runs of 24 per fortnight
• 4-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling
• Independent formulation and mixing parameters can be set for each sample
• Gravimetric dispensing liquids & powder
• Controlled Heating/Cooling, addition whilst mixing
• Raw materials:

  • Liquids @ 16 g
  • 5 hot/stirred liquids @ 16 g
  • 15 powders @ 15 g