Labman Automation Ltd "Phil" characterisation platform

Automated Characterisation Robot

Bespoke robotic platform designed to perform multiple measurements on liquid samples

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Detailed Description

The “Phil” Characterisation platform designed by Labman Automation Ltd is a bespoke robotic platform designed to perform multiple measurements on liquid samples in terms of rheology, pH and particle sizing (depending on materials).

Rheological, particle size, pH, conductivity, colourimetry and RI characterisation of materials is time consuming and requires experience to set up the equipment and interpret the results. The validity of any results is thus very dependent on the protocol used and how the user has interacted with the materials and instrument. Utilising a robot, giving benefits in more repeatable and robust data output.


1. Load the robot with sample cups that are pre-filled with sample, the robot then loads and unloads them into the rheometer and performs the analysis.

2. Load the robot with empty samples cups and pre-filled disposable syringes. The robot picks the syringe barrel, decaps it, dispenses the sample into a rheometer cup, recaps the syringe barrel and then loads/unloads the rheometer as in mode 1.

Technical highlights

• 24-hour operation
• Rheology Shear, stress & oscillation (Anton Paar)
• pH & Conductivity (Metrohm)
• Colorimetry (Ocean optics)
• Refractive Index (backscattering samples)
• Particle size (Malvern)


• Integrated with scientific data management system: FLEX
• Method development with rheometer software
• Methods and data interchangeable between lab and automation equipment