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Ambient Processing Cluster Tool

The Royce Cluster Tool is a series of twelve custom built gloveboxes allowing the design and fabrication of range of battery, PV, LED and other customised materials and devices.

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Detailed Description

The ambient processing cluster tool is a custom-built glovebox cluster tool that integrates different vacuum as well as liquid-based deposition technologies for a wide range of functional materials into a common inert glove box atmosphere.

It comprises ten glove box modules that are interconnected by a semi-automated inert atmosphere transfer system and includes tools such as thermal evaporation, sputtering, pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) as well as aerosol printing, screen printing and slot-die coating. The tool also includes modules for metrology, thin film encapsulation and packaging. The tool gives access to a wide range of functional materials, including transition metal oxides for battery and other applications, organic and hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors, two-dimensional materials, polymer composites etc.

Its unique configuration allows integration of these different classes of materials into novel hetero-architectures and but also fabrication of a wide range of devices including solar cells, batteries, mechanical or thermoelectric energy harvesters as well as integrated energy systems for energy–efficient ICT applications.

Mbraun bespoke ten-glovebox tool:
• Battery module (DC/RF sputterer with heater, PLD system)
• ALD module
• Aerosol jet printer
• Slot-die coater
• Organic evaporator
• Hybrid evaporator
• Dektak profilometer
• Packging module (dispenser and UV press)
• Substrate asher and oven
• Spin coater and hotplates

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