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We are a different kind of research institute – open to industry, academia and the public.

The Henry Royce Institute has been established to develop and exploit the UK’s world-leading excellence in advanced materials research.

We believe that collaboration between our world-leading researchers and others will create real solutions to global challenges by developing Materials for a Sustainable Society.

  • Green Energy & Fusion Power – New modes of energy generation, storage and use from hydrogen to fusion power and energy-efficient devices.
  • Infrastructure & Mobility – Efficient housing, clean transport and transforming foundation industries for clean manufacturing.
  • Digital & Communications – Low energy storage for data. Quantum technologies for computing, sensors and data storage.
  • Circular Economy – Rethinking the way we use plastic and engage with waste streams. Developing truly degradable materials.
  • Health & Wellbeing – Reducing carbon emissions and enabling clean water production. Delivering personalised medicine and supporting an aging population.

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As an international flagship for the discovery and development of new materials systems, the Royce will:

  • Support and grow world-recognised excellence in UK materials research
  • Accelerate commercial exploitation of materials research
  • Deliver positive impact for a more sustainable society
Open, Accessible and Collaborative.

We are the front door to the UK advanced materials community