Who We Are

The Royce brings together world-leading academics from across the UK, and works closely with industry to ensure commercialisation of fundamental research.

Project Timescales

The establishment of the Royce involves two phases. The first phase comprises delivery of the facilities (building and equipment) and the second phase covers the operation of the Institute. There will be an overlap of two phases with the operation of the Institute (conducting defined research and innovation projects) starting within 12 to 18 months after the start of phase 1, with the volume of projects being ramped up over 6 years using existing facilities and new facilities as they come online.


Each phase will be covered by a different governance model.

 The facilities will be procured and fully-owned by the relevant partner institutions, with each partner carrying the individual liability related to any additional funding to support these facilities. The procurement of the facilities will follow a ‘delivery of facilities governance procedure’ which will ensure value-for-money and coordination/specification of the facilities to meet the overall UK need. As a condition of providing public capital funding for the facilities, all partners will sign a Collaborative Joint Venture Agreement covering the responsibilities and deliverables for each partner, and the overall governance for the operation of the Institute.

Royce Governance Structure


The Facilities Delivery Governing Board (FDGB) will include the members (at Pro-Vice Chancellor or equivalent level) from the Academic and Industry Partners and will be responsible for directing and implementing policies and strategies, acting as a ‘shadow board’ to the operational Governance Board.

Governing Board

The Strategic Facilities Advisory Board (SFAB) will provide independent advice to the FDGB on whether the proposed SHRI investments and outputs fits strategically with the objectives, as outlined in the approved Business Case, within the UK Advanced Materials landscape and meet the overarching vision for the Royce.  The Advisory Board will scrutinise the evolution of the vision for the Institute, and consider its sustainability and complementarity to broader facilities available across the UK.


The Value-for-Money Board will be responsible for monitoring deliverables against defined stage-gates and ensuring that overall value-for-money is achieved in delivering the facilities. It will take advice, as appropriate, from the SFAB, for example on national need and complementarity to existing facilities.