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Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (VP-SEM)

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Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (VP-SEM) to allow for the surface characterisation of a wide range of materials, including those that are electrically non-conductive. The Oxford EBSD and EDS detectors allow for mapping of crystallographic orientation and chemical distribution respectively.

Electron Source

Schottky Thermal Field Emitter

Resolution @ 15 kV

0.8 nm


Resolution @ 1 kV

1.6 nm


Max. Scan Speed

50 ns/pixel


Accelerating Voltage

0.02 → 30 kV



10× → 1,000,000×


Probe Current

4 pA → 40 nA


Image Framestore

32k × 24k pixels


Variable Pressure

2 → 133 Pa


Stage Type

5 axis eucentric


Stage travel

X/Y= 130 mm,

Z = 50 mm,

R = 360° Continuous,

T = -3°→ 70°


Multiple feed-throughs into the microscope chamber allow for a range of experiments to be carried out in-situ. Alternate stages include pico-indention and micro-tensile/compression for measuring mechanical responses to deformation at the fine scale, and a 5-axis tilt stage combined with a large area backscattered electron detector to allow controlled electron channelling contrast imaging (ECCI) for dislocation imaging.

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