TALOS F200X with wet stage for TEM add on

Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope.

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The Talos F200X is a latest generation Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope. It is equipped with a high brightness electron source and highly efficient EDS detectors, which make it ideally suited for fast elemental mapping at the sub-nanometer scale.

It is also fitted with a large field of view 4k CMOS camera for fast acquisition of (HR)TEM images and electron diffraction patterns.

The microscope can be operated with a range of in-situ holders, including liquid heating/electrochemistry and heating/electrical holders.

X-FEG Electron Source

Brightness (@200kV) = 1.8×109 A/cm2/srad

Probe Current (@200kV) = 1.5nA @ 1nm probe

Super-X EDS detector (4x windowless SDD):

EDS solid angle = 0.9 srad

Energy resolution ≤ 136 eV (Mn Kα, 10 kcps)

X-TWIN pole piece:

STEM HAADF resolution = 0.16 nm

TEM Information limit = 0.12 nm

CETA 16M camera:

Sensor = 4096 x 4096 pixel CMOS

Frame rate 4k = 1 fps, 2k = 8 fps, 1k = 18 fps, 512 = 25 fps


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