Nikon Xtek High Flux Bay

3D X-ray Computer Tomography Scanner

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The High Flux Bay has been specifically designed for time lapse X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT). To facilitate high-speed XCT scans, this system is fitted with high flux X-ray targets, high speed cabling and solid state drives for increased bandwidth. This allows rapid data transfer, storage, reconstruction and processing.


Resolution capability from 2 to 119 microns for fields of view <8mm and up to 202mm.

Optimal X-ray sources available.

Heavy duty 5-axis sample manipulator stage with 100kg load capacity.

Labyrinths available for external control and monitoring of user-installed equipment.


The bespoke walk-in bay allows large samples and in-situ rigs for time lapse studies involving compression, tension, fatigue, fluid-flow and heating of specimens.

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