Nikon Xtek 320/225 kV bay

3D X-ray Computer Tomography Scanner

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Three interchangeable X-ray sources:
•The 225kV static tungsten transmission anode source
•The 320 kV static tungsten reflection anode that allows the analysis of larger and denser specimens
•The 225 kV static multi-metal reflection anode source has the option of copper, molybdenum, silver and tungsten targets

High speed detector 2k x 2k Perkin Elmer 1621-16-bit amorphous silicon flat-panel detector (XRD 1621 AN3 CT grade) fitted with an aluminium window. The detector is fitted on a movable arm that can be remotely controlled and Suitable for a wide range of X-Ray energies: 40 kV — 15 MV

Labyrinth are available for the external control and monitoring of user-installed equipment


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