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Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is an imaging technique that measures the topology of a surface with picometre height resolution. A variety of material properties may be measured simultaneously, including – notably – electrical properties (including surface potential/kelvin probe microscopy, capacitance, etc.), magnetic properties and quantitative nanomechanical properties (including modulus, adhesion, dissipation and deformation). A Peak-force TUNA (tunneling AFM) module allows for high-resolution current imaging in addition to these modes. As such, the Multimode offers versatility with a wide range of applications.

Nanoscope V SPM controller

Application module ready

Scanner – 125 x 125 μm XY and 5 μm Z range (vertical)

Height resolution: 14 pm (last calibration)

Standard accessories

Optical microscope with 10X objective for viewing tip, sample, and laser;

Probe holder for most imaging applications in air, includes tip bias connection;

Probe holder for torsional resonance mode (TRmode);

MFM starter kit with probes and training sample;

Calibration grating for scanner calibration.

Additional accessories

Peakforce QNM technology;

STM head;

Conductive AFM application module;

Tunning AFM (TUNA) application module;

Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM) module.

Maximum sample size

12 mm diameter x 5 mm thick


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