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Gas Impregnation Technique
Nuclear Materials

The Gas Impregnation Technique uses a vacuum system, with integrated sample stage and a plasma generator. The samples are loaded into the sample stage and evacuated to reduce contaminants. The plasma generator utilises a variety of gases, and produces a beam of accelerated ions with which to impregnate the sample.

Sample requirements

Sample size = 10mm x 10mm x 2mm

Surface roughness = 1-5 nm (mirror shine)

Gas impregnation

Gas = Argon, Nitrogen, Air, Helium, Deuterium & potentially more

Ion energy ≤ 500 eV

Sample temperature = Room Temp – 500 °C

Exposure Time ≤ 12 hours

Data Acquisition

Data captured = Plasma Spectrum, Light Power, Plasma Current, Sample temperature, Vacuum pressure

Sampling Rate = 0.5 Hz


The Gas Impregnation Technique is useful for samples that have a high impregnation energy barrier because the plasma energy can be many orders of magnitude greater to ensure gas impregnation to several microns deep.

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