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The Titan G2 80-200 S/TEM ChemiSTEM  is a probe aberration corrected Transmission Electron Microscope. It is equipped with a high brightness electron source and highly efficient EDS detectors, making it ideally suited for fast elemental mapping at the atomic scale.

It is also fitted with an electron energy loss spectrometer with dual EELS, fast shutter and fast simultaneous EDS/EELS acquisition. The system has pre and post filter 2k CCD cameras for acquisition of (HR)TEM images, EFTEM images and electron diffraction patterns.

The microscope can be operated with a range of in-situ holders, including gas environmental cell, liquid heating/electrochemistry and heating/electrical holders.

X-FEG Electron Source

Brightness (@200kV) = 1.8×109 A/cm2/srad

Probe Current (@200kV) = 1.5nA @ 1nm probe

Super-X EDS detector (4x windowless SDD):

EDS solid angle = 0.7 srad

Energy resolution ≤ 136 eV (Mn Kα, 10 kcps)

DCOR Cs Probe Corrector and A-TWIN pole piece:

STEM HAADF resolution = 80 pm

TEM Information limit = 110 pm

Point resolution = 240 pm


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