Kruss DSA100E Contact Angle

Drop shape analyser for surface analysis

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Drop shape analyser for surface analysis
Chemical Materials Design

The Kruss DSA100E is a fully automated software controlled instrument for the measurement of contact angles of solids using the sessile drop method and surface tensions using the pendant method. The standard configuration can dispense 1-200μL volumes onto millimetre sized samples whereas conversion to the micro system allows smaller doses of 20pL to be dispensed onto samples in the micrometre range. The water contact angle provides valuable information on the hydrophobicity of the sample. Surface tension plays an important role in many different processes and is particularly useful for emulsion stability and determining the tendency for phases to separate.

Software controlled x,y,z stage
Software controlled dosing unit
Camera with 1200 x 800 pixels at 200 fps
Both surface contact angle and surface tension analysis
Conversion to the micro system enables 20pL dosing onto micrometre sized substrates


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