Dimension D3100 AFM with Nanoscope IV controller

Atomic Force Microscopy

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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Nuclear Materials

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) provide a very high-resolution three-dimensional image of the sample surface. This is achieved by raster scanning a sharp probe over the surface of the sample. A laser is reflected off the probe, and the deflection of this probe provides a signal to a piezoelectric scanner, which moves the sample to compensate for the deflection. This is used to measure the profile of the sample surface.


Dimension D3100 AFM with Nanoscope IV controller

80μm x 80μm max X-Y scan size

6μm Z range

Lateral accuracy typically within 1%, maximum 2%

Provides full 16-bit resolution on all axes for all scan sizes and offsets

Large sample stage permits scanning specimens up to 8 inches diameter and 4 inches thick

Tapping / contact modes available


Surface features with a height smaller than an Ångström can be observed and a surface profile can be measured, over a maximum area of 80μm x 80μm. Other properties that can be measured include frictional, magnetic and electrical forces, and surface roughness.

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