Anasys NanoIR2

Scanning Probe Microscope with Infra-red Spectroscopy

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The NanoIR2 allows for the combination of scanning probe microscopy and infrared spectroscopy with the high resolution of AFM (in contact mode). This enables the mapping of the chemical composition of the surface to understand the spatial distribution of different chemical components with nanometer spatial resolution.

Anasys NanoIR2 with nanoTA (thermal analysis) module

Infrared laser: 900-3600 cm-1 (optical parametric oscillator)

Gas purgable enclosed system

Maximum sample size 25 mm x 25 mm x 6 mm thickness (sample positioning size = 8 x 8 mm) – point and click navigation

Maximum mapping size = 80 x 80 μm

nanoTA allows temperature control up to 350 C

IR spectroscopy occurs in contact mode only


A nanoscale thermal analysis (nanoTA) module allows for the sample’s temperature to be increased locally in order to measure and map thermal transitions and other thermal properties.

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